I miss my Dad…I miss his phone calls, his texts and his “HeyTell” messages (voice version of texts). He loved that app. I haven’t used it since he died, he was pretty much the only person I used it to communicate with. I listed to his messages still on my phone tonight. Made me cry just to hear his voice… I miss him making my girls giggle when they facetimed with him…he’d make faces at them and they would laugh so hard they couldn’t talk anymore. They loved their Papa. Lila heard his voice tonight when I was listening to those messages…and she said “papa!”
I’m glad she still remembers him. I don’t want them to forget him, but I know she probably will. They were CRAZY about him.

Missing him tonight…it’s been three months since he died…an it still feels so fresh…I just want to call him and talk to him about the daily routine…what the girls are wearing for Halloween, what I’m doing at work, when they are coming down for another visit… Thanksgiving is at my house this year, and he will be missed.
He was a great dad. And I miss him.


Something strangely enjoyable about the campground experience. The backpacker purist in me hates it, hates the noise of neighbors, the radios and truck engines and sounds of drunk redneck campers cussing and hollering at each other like its a family reunion…but something about it is fun.
It’s like a NASCAR race without the cars to distract you from people watching…it’s like getting a temporary pass to hang out in a trailer park for the weekend…every comment or burp or snore from your neighbor you hear…it is fun. If you embrace the humor and go with friends and just enjoy the work and rest…of camping.
I took all three girls camping in the VW this past weekend…and it was quite an experience. Mostly fun, a few frustrations (Lila at bedtime). But all in all, great memories and good fun.
Can’t wait for next time


I love the crispness to the air outside in ky these days. Makes me want to go camping and not come back.
I love watching my girls play in the backyard together. Laughing and using their imaginations.
I love smoking a pipe…makes me feel close to dad again. I miss him.
I love seeing people’s expressions when they see my VW Vanagon. Some people totally get it…some people don’t get it at all…and that’s fine with me.
I love my job … Not many people can say that…I really do love what I do. I’m thankful that God brought me to Bowling Green, to the right hospital, and that I’ve been given so many opportunities to grow as a CRNA.
I love being a dad to four girls, and I’m so sick of people saying “enjoy it now, cause when they hit puberty it’s gonna suck”….I am working at raising my daughters…not just passively watching them grow up. My prayers and goals are that it gets better and better, not worse and worse…and I’m not gonna settle for accepting the “normal” dad/daughter relationship through their teen years…I will pursue their love, just as I do now. Even if that means making the hard decisions at times…I want them to never doubt my love for them.
And I love my wife…she is amazing. I don’t know how she does all she does…but I’m grateful.

Sermon notes from Pastor Mark Redfern, HBC Owensboro, KY

1 Peter 2
2 most important questions we can ask ourselves
Who am I? (who is the church)
Why am I here? (why is the church


We (as a church of believers) are inhabited by God, are a chosen people (God chose us, we did nothing to earn his love), a royal priesthood (we have access to God reserved for priests), a holy nation (set apart for God by God), God’s people…his treasure, his prized possession…we are sojourners and exiles…we live here but we are not home…our home is in heaven because we have been redeemed….

THAT is who we are…THAT is what church is…our identity . Not a building and a meeting time.


First we have to understand who Jesus is…everybody says they like the idea of Jesus…but if really pressed to understand what the Bible says about Jesus most people don’t like him anymore. Jesus in the Bible is the one and only way…not tolerant of other religions, not ok with injustice… The God of the universe…the perfect, sinless savior who pays for all our sins, we are undeserving of his love and forgiveness…if we don’t accept his love and depend wholly upon his grace, we will not go to heaven…it is not a gray area…it’s all or nothing.
He is the Cornerstone…the foundation, the most important part in the building, without him the building falls apart. We rest on Jesus as cornerstone … Not holding ourselves up , but completely rest our lives on him.
So understanding who Jesus is… Why are we (the church) here?
Why us and not someone else?
By the MERCY of God…the honor is for you who believe (1 Peter 2:7).
It is an undeserved…free gift to us… He called us to cry out for mercy. We don’t cry out for His mercy on our own, but because he has called us to cry out for his mercy.


we are the Church, because of the work of Christ and the mercy of God alone.


Love one another deeply from the heart. (fellow brothers and sisters in Christ)
Love God
Love the lost (thy neighbor)

Spiritual sacrifices we are told to offer to God:

Romans 12:1 live a holy life
Philippians 2:17 love one another
Philippians 4:18 giving of our money
Hebrews 13:15 through speech/song

God wants to be worshipped by a holy, loving, giving, and singing redeemed sinner.

A worshipping life is an evangelizing life.
We can’t just be a holy, loving, giving, singing Christian and never tell anyone else about it!

So HOW do we offer these spiritual sacrifices and declare His Glory?

To sojourn, to be in the world but not OF the world . 1 Peter 2:12 live in the world, but different from it.

The early church did this so well:
They weren’t POPULAR and accepted, but they didn’t withdraw and be weird either…and they were persecuted for it.