I miss my Dad…I miss his phone calls, his texts and his “HeyTell” messages (voice version of texts). He loved that app. I haven’t used it since he died, he was pretty much the only person I used it to communicate with. I listed to his messages still on my phone tonight. Made me cry just to hear his voice… I miss him making my girls giggle when they facetimed with him…he’d make faces at them and they would laugh so hard they couldn’t talk anymore. They loved their Papa. Lila heard his voice tonight when I was listening to those messages…and she said “papa!”
I’m glad she still remembers him. I don’t want them to forget him, but I know she probably will. They were CRAZY about him.

Missing him tonight…it’s been three months since he died…an it still feels so fresh…I just want to call him and talk to him about the daily routine…what the girls are wearing for Halloween, what I’m doing at work, when they are coming down for another visit… Thanksgiving is at my house this year, and he will be missed.
He was a great dad. And I miss him.